You may be unprepared for the barrage of questions that you get asked when you rent a car. The next time you rent a car, here are some things that you should avoid doing. Prepaying for gasoline is a bad idea. It does make traveling a little more simple and efficient, and it will eliminate something that could make you late for your flight. If you fill it up yourself, it will be much cheaper than having them do it for you. Filling up yourself will save you a lot of money.


When deciding whether or not to buy their insurance, you should think about a couple things. First of all, you need to understand your own car insurance coverage. You may be covered for damages to a fort lauderdale car rentals you are driving under your own coverage. You don't need any extra insurance if this is the case. If there is a gap in coverage from your insurance company, paying with a credit card may balance the difference. Several credit card companies will cover some damages to a rental car that your primary insurance may not cover. You just have to be sure to pay for the vehicle with that credit card. Knowing these things before you rent a car will help you make the best decision.


You can also save money by reserving a low-priced car before you go in, and then upgrading at the desk. A lot of the time, miami rental car companies will run low on their cheaper cars during busy times. This means that they will offer big discounts for people who will upgrade so they will have more inexpensive cars to offer to people.


Never drive the car away without giving it a thorough inspection first. You could get charged for small or large problems that weren't noticed before, so you should always check the outside and inside for these things. Some things you should check are scratches, scuffs, loose parts, working power windows, and mirrors. Not rushing the inspection can save you a lot of money.



Similarly, you shouldn't skip the drop off inspection. Dropping off a rental car has become a lot more casual. You may not ever talk to someone when you drop off the car, or you may talk to them at a desk instead of by the car. This means you are not present for the final inspection, so if they say something is wrong with the car, it can get blamed on you. You should try to be present for the inspection, but if that is not possible, then you should take pictures or video before leaving. You can save a lot of money and stay out of trouble if you follow these simple tips.To read more about car rental services, go to