How do you know what is important to look for when renting a car? People often just look for features such as luxury car, sedan, SUV or look at car amenities. While this is nice, these features do not necessarily mean you are getting a good deal. When you are renting a car knowing answers for things such as rental car insurance, mileage options, and location can help you save money and get the best rental car.


Buying rental car insurance is typically the first debating when renting a car. In most scenarios it is often worth it to get the insurance. Miami car rentals insurance will cover you and give you peace of mind, which is nice when driving a car that is not yours. Also, another benefit to having rental car insurance is that is something happens you do not need to worry about filing a claim on your personal insurance, which can increase your future rates. When you are looking at rental cars, there is typically more upside than down when it comes to rental insurance.


When renting a car you should also consider the area you are traveling. For major metropolitan areas such as Miami and surrounding areas there will be more options when it comes to rental cars. Therefore it can save you money to look for and compare prices on Miami car toyota of hollywood rentals or Fort Lauderdale car rentals. Also, if you are flying into town it would be most convenient to consider airport rentals, whereas if you are going on a road trip you will want to find a car rental place near you. Consider location of your rental car place can save you money and time.


Unlimited mileage is another option to consider when looking for a rental car. Obviously if you are planning to use the car for a long road trip you want to get unlimited mileage. If you are just planning to use the car for light commuting on your vacation, then you may not need to pay for unlimited mileage. Doing your research and knowing the distances between areas of interest on your trip can help you determine a mileage estimate. When you compare this estimate to the cost of public transport and unlimited mileage, you can then easily determine whether or not you should get unlimited mileage or pay by the mile.



There are many factors that go into making a smart decision when renting a car. Comparing prices on rental cars in your desired area and whether or not unlimited mileage is an option can help you save money. Also, buying rental insurance is not typically required, but can end up saving you a lot of time and hassle. Renting a car does not have to be difficult or expensive, especially if you know what to look for.To get more tips on how to rent a car, visit